Welcome to Backgroundshub.com. Here we strive to be your number one stop for the cutest myspace backgrounds, layouts, graphics, images and so much more! I update the site daily so make sure you come by everyday to see whats new. Any updates made on the site you can find in paragraphs below as well as our MYSPACE Profile.
Site Updates
04/03/09: New Msplinks Generator
03/20/09: New Peace Sign Myspace Layouts
03/17/09: New Upside Down Text Generator
03/15/09: New Ed Hardy Graphics
03/06/09: New Designer Myspace Layouts
03/05/09: New Grunge Myspace Layouts
03/03/09: New Girly Myspace Layouts
02/25/09: New Tokio Hotel Myspace Layouts
02/22/09: New Flashing Myspace Layouts
02/21/09: New Emo Myspace Layouts
02/21/09: New Myspace Comment Boxes
02/10/09: New Polka Dot Myspace Layouts
02/09/09: New Grunge Myspace Layouts
02/07/09: New Valentines Day Myspace Layouts
01/27/09: New Camoflage Myspace Layouts
01/26/09: New Myspace Page Graphics
01/23/09: New Abstract Myspace Layouts
01/20/09: New Double Background Myspace Layouts
01/16/09: New Skateboarding Myspace Layouts
Added Quote Page Graphics
Added Photography Page Graphics
01/11/09: New Quote Myspace Layouts
01/03/09: New Star Myspace Layouts
01/03/09: New Myspace Contact Buttons
12/31/08: New Solid Color Myspace Layouts
12/20/08: New Heart Myspace Layouts
12/18/08: New Myspace Comment Boxes
12/09/08: New Striped Myspace Layouts
12/06/08: New Emo Myspace Layouts
12/05/08: New Christmas Myspace Layouts
12/04/08: New Grunge Myspace Layouts
12/04/08: New Grunge Myspace Comment Boxes
12/02/08: New Animal Myspace Layouts
11/23/08: New Twilight Myspace Graphics
11/20/08: New Black and White Page Graphics
11/19/08: We Now Carry Bebo Skins
11/15/08: New Myspace Page Graphics
11/12/08: New Myspace Comment Buttons
11/10/08: We Got Myspace Profile 2.0 Layouts
11/10/08: New Myspace Icons
11/04/08: New Myspace Headlines
10/27/08: New Myspace Codes, Flip Myspace Profile, Special Characters, Center Profile, Hide About Me Section Added
10/23/08: New Quote Myspace Graphics
10/20/08: Jonas Brothers Graphics
10/07/08: New Myspace Nav Bar Codes
10/02/08: New Myspace Scroll Boxes
09/08/08: New Myspace Comment Boxes
09/04/08: New Floral Myspace Music Player Skins
09/02/08: New Animated Myspace Album Covers
08/12/08: Added Myspace Icons
07/31/08: Added Myspace Album Covers
07/29/08: 40 New Picture Captions

Peace Sign Myspace Layouts

Upside Down Text Generator

Convert any text to uʍop ǝpısdn. This can be used on any Myspace Profile, Facebook, Friendster and Twitter Profiles

Designer Myspace Layouts

Grunge Myspace Layouts

Girly Myspace Layouts

Tokio Hotel Myspace Layouts